The benefits of becoming an online tutor

There are many benefits to online tutoring, one of them being no traveling; making life more easier for your self as the tutor, as you do not waste valuable time traveling and of course there are no costs if you are not traveling, which saves money; which of course leads back again to time consuming.

Another benefit is that you as a tutor can teach more than one student at the same time, when doing online tutoring. For example: you have zoom as app, which allows you to for a group of how many you want to add to the group video call, that way everyone will be on the video at the same time getting them learning as all the others.

Another benefit is that you will no longer be limited to only being able to tutor students that lively locally to you, can tutor students that live even further away now, as everything will be done online through video calls, which give you the advantage of bringing in even more students, which you couldn’t before because of traveling issues and them living so far away.

Online learning and face to face tutoring

Genius Tuition offers online tuition and in home learning
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