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The importance of outdoor learning

Every child is so used to learning in a class room that they have accepted the venue of teaching. However, we all forget how beneficial outdoor learning can be  for students. However, due to most weather conditions; it favours indoor learning, which is a down side as most children do not get to experience the natural habitat enough. There are certain advantages to outdoor learning, which most textbooks cannot provide, for example: exploring natural habitats. They will be able to see different plants and observe the effect of changing moisture levels in the soil. Also, children will have the option to explore other natures such as: the pond life. Pond life can be very fascinating to children as there are snails, water skaters and tadpoles at the pond. This will draw the children’s attention and allow them to observe these creatures in their natural environment.  Gardening can be a very important lesson for children as it will teach them the basics of horticulture and sustainability. Which will allow the children to keep a record of the things they have planted and keep track of progress. This will also, teach them the lesson of being responsible, as they will have to keep an eye out on their corps and see the progress they are making.  Online learning and face to face tutoring Genius Tuition offers online tuition and in home learningGenius Tuition offers both online tuition and in home tuition (in selected cities) contact us and sign up today!

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Different ways to enhance executive function in teens and tweens

Help create a planner or schedule: Having a schedule or planner is a great way to help your student keep track of their weekly assignments. For example, colour coding each assignment with the same colour as the dates it’s due, so you know which, assignment belongs to which date, which will allow you to prioritize

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The importance of providing children with positive reinforcement

Growth mindset: Having a growth mindset is more than important; the reason for this is that it gives the child confidence in their own abilities to succeed. Even when your child is wrong, it is important to keep reinforcing them with positive feedback as it goes a long way in boosting their confidence; students who

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Summer holidays

Keep your child in the learning mind-set: Summer holidays are the holidays students love the most as most students are off for up to 6 weeks, which is a significant long time off. The down side of being off for up to 6 weeks is that it can lead to a high probability of learning

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