The importance of playtime for children

There is strong evidence that coordinates that children having playtime are actually learning a range of different skills and abilities. The skills they are working mostly through are their social skills, communicating with other children around them. Moreover, competitive games will lift the spirit of the children making them want to take part in and try everything they can to win. But games like chess and board games will require them to think in a more strategic manner.

Learning through play is vital for children as it helps them develop their imagination and teaches them to be constructive. For example: ‘Lego blocks’, this game has several pieces in a box; which allows you to build on top of one another, giving you the exercise of being constructive and using your imagination of what you would like to build. I mean, you could build anything, police stations, battleships and houses, which would all require you to put the pieces together.

So overall, you can see the dominance of having playtime for young children and the importance for their child hood growing up and developing. This is an important tool, which has had a massive impact on the development of our children.

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