How to deal with issues with your child

Create a safe space for discussion:

It’s important we create a safe space for our children to be able to feel comfortable talking about anything they are concerned about with them, knowing that they are assured they will not get into trouble. This is important for children; as they need to feel like they can share anything with you and not be afraid to open up any sort of subjects that are worrying them. Children find it hard to communicate with their parents as they always fear the risk of getting into trouble, hence why most children keep their problems to themselves, so it is important to establish a communication line between you and your child.

Encourage an open mind:

When having a more serious conversation with your child, it is important you as a parent establish a clearer and more open conversation between eachother. This can be achieved by asking open questions, which have to lead to answers such as: What do you believe the outcome is for that? These open questions will enable the children to think more deeply and give you a more crucial response; without feeling any sort of fear and coming clean with their responses.

Answer questions considerately:

As a parent you need to build a relationship with your child where they feel comfortable telling you anything and most importantly, telling the truth, as a parent you always want your child to tell the truth no matter how deep the situation is. It’s important you build trust between you both as it will allow your child to come forward whenever they have any issue as well as them feeling safe. Even if you do not know the answer to the question they are asking you, it’s normally better to say you do not know the answer to that question; but you will do everything within your power to find out the answer.

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