Lonely and stressed

Lonely and stressed?

Thousands of students in the UK are going through loneliness. Most common solution, try making a support group where you and your friends can share ideas, come together inspire each other, let social media be the answer to all your questions make a group whether that’s through Instagram, Facebook and Facetiming each other, the progression of supporting and working along together is what will help you defeat these difficult moments and motivate you to get through the year.

Weekly Tuition

The great comfort of having one to one attention you need from your flexible tutor which will help you achieve your goals and strengthen your self in key subject areas. At Genius Tuition we provide you with highly qualified experienced and affordable tutors that will help you develop in every single way.


Mental health is key to your wellbeing and your ability to be able to learn and write. So it is vital that you take a break and inject your self with fresh air through going for jog or a walk. Overworking yourself will only make you more stressed. Meet with friends, share ideas which will allow you to become more creative and will benefit you in so many ways as you will be getting different point of views from one another.

Online learning

Genius Tuition offers online tuition