Revision and Exams

Benefits of taking a Revision course

Regular feedback:

The great advantage of doing a revision course enables you to have a one to one conversation with your tutor which allows you to get valuable feedback from your tutor on the spot. Having a highly qualified tutor mentor you and your work will have a massive impact on you going into your exams, the reason for this is because there able to identify mistakes in your work which you have been blind sided by, meaning mistakes that you have not being able to spot; the tutor will be able to identify and give you feed back on how to improve on those mistakes going forward.

Exercise before an exam:

Exam practice is important as it helps you build confidence and knowledge before going into the real exam, now having a tutor from Genius Tuition who has experience in the field of the exam you are going to is a major advantage as they have experience and a great wide of knowledge of the exam you are going into, meaning they are the perfect match for you to achieve the highest possible grade there is, as they know exactly how to prepare you for the exam as they already have all the answers to the questions.

Helping you stay focused:

Being focused is key, However, attending school sometimes is not enough to get the best out of yourself. Thousands of students find it difficult to stay focused and motivated due to the environment they are working in. Genius tuition best tip on how to stay motivated is to register to a revision course where you will be surrounded by other students who are willing to learn in a peaceful working environment.

Work in smaller groups:

Sometimes working in a class room can be very distracting and therefore you may not get the very best out of yourself working in a class room. However, working in a smaller group can be very beneficial as you will be learning with a small number of students which is a great way to stay focused as you will be working in an environment were students will get the full attention they need from there Tutor as we as the students bouncing ideas from each other.

Online learning

Genius Tuition offers online tuition