Why mocks are important

Helps you recognize areas that need attention:

Mocks are very important as they are very similar to the actual exams; meaning you will get a great understanding on the areas you need to improve on. Also, with mocks you get feedback which allows you to go back and practice on the mistake you suffered during the mocks, which then you will be more prepared come the real exam.

Builds your confidence:

Thousands of students get really stressed when exams are around the corner, a lot of the times students lose concentration of the question due to being stressed which leads to them losing focus which then leads to losing knowledge about the question. So for this reason mocks are very important as they help build your confidence going in to the real exam and mentally prepare you for the real exam.

Teachers understanding:

With mocks teachers are able to get a full review of were your at in terms of the test and knowledge, and they will be able to help you improve on the areas that need improving by identifying mistakes that you have made in the mock. So it is vital that you do the mocks as teachers will give you feedback on what needs to be practiced before the real exam.

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