Making healthy habits stick with our children

Set screen time limits:

Setting screen time limits is vital; as we need to set boundaries. The reason for this is because we don’t want our children on the screen all day long watching tv and playing video games; which they comfortably could do; this can be damaging to our children in the long run for their eyes and of course there education as they shouldn’t be spending too much time in front of the tv. So it is important we set a limit which they familiarise themselves with, and know when it’s time to stop watching the tv; make it into a habit/ routine.

Making reading an everyday activity:

Making reading an everyday activity has many benefits to it as it can never be too much reading; in fact, the more they read the more they educate themselves, which will benefit them later in life. Making reading a habit will set up your child for a very bright future ahead of their school years, even if its reading a magazine, book and graphic novels; it’s very healthy for the brain to, as studies show.

Lead by example:

Leading by example is important from the parents point of view, as you are with your child most of the day, and it is important that you lead by example as they will learn from you. So it is important you portray healthy habits in front of the children as they will follow and learn from you.

Physical activity:

Making a habit out of physical activity is important for our children as it is a really great habit. Having our children keep healthy by being involved in physical activities running around/ playing is really important for the children’s health early on and later on in life. Healthy activities can be walking to school, going out for a family run or activity; even playing football for a team.

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