Summer holidays

Keep your child in the learning mind-set:

Summer holidays are the holidays students love the most as most students are off for up to 6 weeks, which is a significant long time off. The down side of being off for up to 6 weeks is that it can lead to a high probability of learning loss, which can have a huge impact on your child’s learning loss. So for this reason having a few tuition lessons over the summer can be very benefiting as you are keeping your self in the learning mind-set process and can maintain some semblance of a learning routine, which will make things a lot easier for your self when you get back to school.

Help expand your knowledge:

Keeping up with tuition over the holidays can be a great way to expand your knowledge and take advantage of being more prepared than most of your students in class. Furthermore, your preparing your self new topics that you will face in your different year group you will be entering once you are back from summer holidays, which means you will be familiarising your self with subjects you will be facing in the year up coming, which will benefit you in so many ways as it wont come as a surprise to you as you will already be prepared and have knowledge of the subject they are teaching you.

Building your child’s confidence and helping with anxiety:

Over the years tutoring has shown great results of building students confidence as they feel more secure being with a tutor that gives them that full one-to-one attention they need, which will lead to the students feeling even more secure in the class room as they will be more comfortable with the subjects they are facing as the tutoring would have given them the extra boost they needed mentally, as well as helping them expand their knowledge. Also, tutoring can help students that are struggling with anxiety to as they may feel more comfortable with just a tutor around them, rather than being in a class room were they don’t feel comfortable working in that environment.

Online learning and face to face tutoring

Genius Tuition offers online tuition and in home learning
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