Brain breaks to help children Re-energise

Read a book:

Reading a book is often the case of taking a break for most people; the reason for this is that it helps reduce stress by taking your mind off things that stress you as you are engaging with the book as you read; you are picturing what’s happening as you read. School and exams are the most common stress for students, especially when exams are such a huge moment in your life in deciding your next step in life. Which is why you need to have an alternative stress-free route where your brain is free.

Go outside:

Another common break is going outside for a walk or run, which is highly beneficial to those who need a break from work or school. Most students have the same issue at school, which is of course exams, which injects a great amount of fear in to them; leading to stress. With exams students can get brain dead and be severely tired to the point where their brain is not registering what they want to learn, which is why it’s important to stop and take a break; go out for a walk or run as long as you are getting some fresh air and taking your mind off things.

Yoga break:

Another great alternative to taking a break to re- energise your self can be yoga. Yoga is commonly known for being a relaxation exercise. Yoga’s main purpose is to improve respiration, energy and vitality. This can be a great way for most students to relax their brain as well as their bodies, which will heavily be needed as the year will come at a fast pace at them with exams; which will be stressful times for the students and they will need a break, which will help them relax and take a breaks from studying so hard.

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