3 great tips on how parents can play a more active role in their children’s education

Monitor school work:

As a parent you want to be involved in your child’s education; you want to know how their learning is going, and of course you want them to keep on course with their studies. The main solution to parents monitoring their child’s progress at school is by keeping track of their subjects and asking them often what they are working on; that way you can see their worksheets and check out their progress. Also, as a parent you want to remind your children to priorities studies and school work.

Attend parents evening:

Another common way parents can stay on top of their child’s education is by attending parents evening. This is a great way to find out how your child is getting on at school. The reason for this is that teachers will give you all the feedback they have on your child in every subject and every class. This will give you a whole summary of how your child’s been doing through out the year, the areas they are doing great in and the areas they are not performing as well as they should and need more attention.

Help your child set goals:

Goal setting is really important for children as it sets ambitions for them keeping them motivated and focused for the year; this is why it is more than vital that we as parents sit down and help our children identify educational goals; as well as a plan on how they can achieve those grades. Of course, when setting goals it’s important we set realistic goals for our children; meaning goals that do take a lot of hard work to achieve, but are very in their sight achievable. Also, a timeline must come with these goals as it will be their guideline.

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