The best personal statement

Well structured:

When preparing to write a personal statement for University, one of the main priorities that needs to be taken into serious consideration is how you are going to structure your statement. The layout in which you will be setting out your statement; as well as what comes first to write about and what comes last (the order in which you will be writing).

Give examples of academic or work experience:

Giving examples of work related in your personal statement can go a long way; the reason for this is that it shows your passionate/ committed about the course you have chosen. Also, it shows that you have some knowledge about the course you have chosen.

Be clear/ honest

Furthermore, when writing a personal statement you must be clear of why you are choosing the course, focus in on the course itself; the subjects it involves, and why those subjects interest you and how you can relate to those subjects. Also, why you believe this course will benefit you in the future.


Also, when writing a personal statement it is vital that you are passionate. The best way to show that you are passionate would be to give examples of work experience related with examples of the job you was doing and how you gained different skills from the role you was working in.

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