Benefits of home schooling


When learning at school there can be many distractions and many students find it hard to engage in class rooms. So the benefit of having a one-to-one tutor at home is massive as you get the full attention you need. Also, it’s very time consuming meaning that you will have plenty of time to cover many topics as well as work on areas you need covering.


You have the authority to choose your own time table, which is a huge advantage. Also, you have the advantage of choosing what you want your child to learn or focus more on, as well as the areas they need more focus on. Furthermore, it can be very fun learning at home as you can invent different learning ideas which can be a great way to interact and probably get the best out of the student.

No school runs:

Meaning your mornings will be more relaxed no need to wake up extra early and rush to get to school; you can have that extra sleep which may be an advantage to you being more productive. Also, you will have more time to enjoy your hobbies that you wouldn’t be able to enjoy during school times.


With learning at home, many young students can feel a bit lonely due to them being used to being surrounded by a big numbers of children at the school. However, with many tutors there are many small classes that tutors hold which could be more beneficial for the child as they would be working in a more fun and friendly environment with children their age.

Online learning

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