Tips for easing back to school anxiety and stress

Talk through any worries:

One of the most common ways to address your child’s anxiety or stress that they are going through; is to make them talk; make them tell you what worries them at school. Be calm and listen to them with out making any judgement calls; really find out what it is that is bothering them. Once you do find out what is worrying them; make a plan to help them address the problem, most of the time it is the fear of exams; so in that case it can be very easily solved, just go through steps with them on how you plan to help them overcome these issues.

Get back to normal routines:

One of the most popular ways of preparing your child be the new school weak starts, is getting them into the rhythm of going to sleep early and getting your sleeping pattern back, waking up early, having breakfast and getting themselves ready for school dressed. The main issue is getting your self back into the school pattern, which will help them ease their anxiety.

Practice the school commute:

It’s a wonderful idea to take the time and practice the school commute before the new school year begins. This can be a concern to most children; especially if there starting at a new school and are afraid they don’t know the way to school or how to get there, this is why it is a good idea to do practice runs and learn the way, so come to the begging of the school year; you are comfortable and know the way to school. It is a good idea that you do this together with your child so it will help eliminate any confusion of how to get to school.

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