Being productive

No multitasking:

Being productive and trying to be focused can be very difficult if you are trying to do two things at once; as you are not being fully focused on studying or revising, which means it can hinder your performance in learning. Studies show that if you are multitasking your brain is bouncing from one place to another at the same time, meaning we become less efficient and we are likely to make mistakes; so it is important we take away our distractions and focus on what needs to be done.

Remove distractions:

Distractions can be a huge problem, especially when you are trying to be productive as you are not fully focused and distractions can make you feel disorientated; meaning you will want to stop being productive and move on to the distraction. So it is vital that you remove your phones and put them on silent so that your attention stays fully focused; even isolating yourself in the room is key as you will not want people around you talking to you or anybody else that is in the room with you as the subject they might be talking about may interest you and distract you.

Keep your vision and goals in mind:

Having a vision and goals in your mind is a great way to keep focused as when you know what you want to achieve it becomes slightly less easier as you will want to keep working/ revising till you achieve your target; it’s almost like you’re being given directions and you will finish once you reach your destination. Setting goals is also a great way to stay motivated as you will want to hit your targets. So for this reason you must set your self a task/ goal for that certain day of what needs to be done on that day.

Plan out your day:

Planning out your day is a major advantage as you will have a clear path that you set yourself on the day; meaning what your day will carry out, such as probably revising for 1-2 hours, then taking a break, then coming back again for another 1 or 2 of revising. Also, when planning out your day; you will know exactly how long exactly how long you need to work on what and when the finish line will be.

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