Benefits of having routines for children

Healthy habits:

The benefits of having a routine is vital, especially teaching it from young to our children; making it an habit. The reason for this as children get older, the more likely they are going to keep up with the habits, which could benefit them massively, especially with university. The earlier children start to make their routines a habit the easier it becomes as they get older, it will become natural to them; they will get so used to it that they will not even recognise doing it. Also, the more they make it a habit, the more it builds up.

Gives children confidence:

Having a routine can play a huge part in our children’s confidence; having routines is a really effective way of building up our children’s confidence as the older they get, the more they know what they are expected of or to do. Also, they become more dependent on themselves; which will lead to them having a great deal of pride as they will start to feel more in charge of themselves, which children normally can not wait to get older and be more in charge and control of themselves.


Expectations are key, especially when it comes to our children; the reason for this is that children will start to pick up on what they are expected of and start to pick up what to expect and what to expect next; know what their everyday activities are to complete. For example: expectations could be them knowing when it’s time for their bed time or when its time to study. The earlier these expectations are implanted into our children, the more they get used to the expectations and make it a habit.

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