Teaching children the importance of gratitude

Encourage them to be grateful:

It is vital that gratitude is carried out in our everyday life; it is important that we show our children that gratitude is just a normal way of thinking. One of the best ways to do this is through getting them to tell you each day; what they are grateful for and why, this can be done at any time during the day when your children feel comfortable enough to have the conversation. This is a brilliant way for your family to get closer to each other and connect, this will also, have a positive impact on our children’s future going forward as they will be for ever grateful for everything good that comes their way.

Encourage giving as a family:

Encouraging your children to give as a family to their friends or other family members is a great way for them to start processing the meaning of being grateful. This can be done through many activities that require a day or two of your children’s time such as volunteering to help out at a charity shop or even helping out at school with different activities associated with them in the lower years. Also, even giving their personal belongings that are not much use to them anymore; through learning to give to people that might not have a lot, it goes a long way to show fortunate our children are. The power of giving something to someone else has a massive impact on the other person that is receiving the item; the joy it could bring them is massive.

Helping others around you:

Helping others around you is a great way to show gratitude as it’s not only showing your appreciation of what you have received in life, it’s showing how you are now willing to return that gratitude in life by doing something similar in life by returning the appreciation. This can be done through so many ways, such as: helping that person or someone else out that might need a hand with moving or need equipment that they don’t have but you do, or even just a simple thank you to that person that helped you out.

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