Benefits of starting revision early

Improved grades:

When you start to revise early for specific topics; you will find that your grades will improve significantly. The reason for this is that you are starting to put more effort into school and pushing aside all other distractions and staying fully focused at school and at home revising. Starting anything in life early will always prepare you best for anything in life, especially for exams, this will give you a major advantage as you will be well prepared in advance.

Less stress:

Allowing yourself time in advance to start revision early is a great step forward, as you will be much more confident going into the exam. The reason for this is that you will be well prepared; especially when you know the amount of work you put in to get here. Beginning revision early will not only mean less stress and anxiety before the exams; also, you will be going into the exam feeling confident and knowing that you are well prepared for this exam. Also, the more relaxed you are; the more you will head into the exam with a clear state of mind and be ready to take on the exam.

No need to rush:

Most importantly, starting revision early means you don’t have to rush come to exam week. The benefit of starting revisions early means you avoid last minute cramming or rushing through topics. Usually when students do rush and try to revise; come to the exam, they can not remember much as they have been overloading themselves too much, and their mind goes blank because the information is not stored in the long term memory. In order for information to be stored in long term memory, you need to repeat it over a long time and not just try to rush through subjects.

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