3 different things children can do to save the ocean

Use less plastic:

There are many different ways children can help save the ocean, one of the most popular ways is using less plastic, if we can motivate our children to use less plastic; this will be a huge advantage for them in the future and of course the world. It is vital we do everything in our power to help save the oceans, as we benefit very much from the oceans for example: it provides us with oxygen to breath, drives our climate and weather; it spreads rain towards our farmlands, which puts food on our table. Most importantly, it brings us all together to go out into the ocean and enjoy swimming, sailing and surfing.

Help clean up the beach:

Keeping the beach is more than important, as we all enjoy a day out at the beach; so its important we take good care of the beach. We have to remind them every time and make sure that they have not left anything behind. A lot of times litter is the big issue with a lot of people leaving litter behind or just throwing it. Littering is a serious pollution problem not just to the ocean but to the whole world; it affects the health of the people as well as the wild life. Some families make it a habit; before they go home, they go around the beach as a family and collect any litter they see, this sets an example out to their children and try to make a habit towards them never to litter.

Reduce their carbon footprint:

Reducing our carbon footprint is a major concern to our world, let alone our oceans, as you don’t have to be close to be causing the ocean harm. Carbon footprint is normally known as carbon dioxide and its all the green house gases that are causing harm towards our ocean by making it more acidic. However, there are many different ways we can avoid these issues. One of the main ways is riding a bike or walking instead of taking a car, which causes a lot of pollution. Recycling is another great way we can avoid our carbon footprint; recycling has a lot of benefits to it, such as saving energy, cutting climate changing carbon emissions and protecting ecosystems and wildlife.

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