Benefits of walking to school

Great exercise:

Walking to school has many benefits to it; one of the main reasons being that its very healthy to walk especially in the morning when you need a breath of fresh air. Also, walking to school it can have a massive impact on students performances as research shows that children who walk to school tend to have higher academic performances. Another major advantage to walking to school is that it reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Saves money:

Children have different ways of getting to school, mainly being buses and trains, so with walking to school it can save a lot of money throughout the year as you will not have any expenses to cover. For example: no gas or car insurance as many students when they get into college or six form there goal is to buy a car and get their license.

Walk and talk:

Another great benefit of walking to school is the social side walk and talk; some children get bored while walking to school which can lead to them feeling tired, so with having someone to walk to school with and talk on the way they get distracted talking about whatever subject interest them. Furthermore, having someone to talk to in the morning can be a great way to get your mood up.

Reduces stress:

Walking to school can be a great stress reliver. Research shows that walking in the morning reduces stress hormones and boosts our self-esteem as well as our mood. Also, with children having exams throughout the year it can be stressful times for them; so for them having a walk in the morning it can be a major boost for them to take their mind off the exams as well as allowing them to arrive to school feeling energized and fresh.

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