Why should you study history?

Explore diverse history:

It’s important to explore diverse history as we get a better understanding of the different religions, races, colour and national or ethnic origins that are out there. For example, many food items which we buy in today’s world come from a different country. Also, its important to know about other religions and races as the more we know, the more we move forward as civilization.

Helps us develop a better understanding of the world:

Understanding the world is key as it will be guidance in life; it will give you a sense of how things work in life with different beliefs and religions around you. Also, the more you are aware of how the world works, the more you gain advantage as you get the right tools to work on certain problems that may occur later in life.

To help us avoid the mistakes of the past:

When we talk about understanding the world, it’s important to understand the mistakes that were made in past and analyse them so we don’t make the same mistakes. Also, it allows us to learn without having to come across those situations in reality, and even if we did come across those situations we would know how to handle or avoid them.

To strengthen skills in research and debate:

With history we are able to develop our analytical skills which helps us with working with data that we are given, which we can analyse and do research on. As well as giving us a debate to have with others around us, which will also help in improving our communication and listening skills as debates are always countered, meaning you will always be engaged in arguments.

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