Covid learning loss

Students mental health and wellbeing:

Covid had a massive impact on students mentally; the reason for this is that Covid disrupted students routine to school, meaning students had a daily routine of showing up to school attending classes on regular basses which they had adapted to. However, when lockdown happened schools were forced to close, which forced students to stay at home; this had a massive impact on students learning as they would not be fully focused to sit down at home and learn; as they wouldn’t have the same principles they do at school at home. Also, with the restrictions students were not allowed to go out or even meet their friends to socialise, which of course would have a negative impact on them as they were used to the environment of always seeing their friends and joking around by being next to them.

Loss of learning time:

The fact that a lockdown happened and schools were forced to be closed; students had to adapt to a new environment, which can always be hard for anyone; especially for students that had to do online learning and participate in online group lessons with webcams. This can be difficult as many students might not have access to a laptop or computer, which means they would not be able to participate. Another major disadvantage was the lack of concentration levels wouldn’t be the same for many students as they would be at school; meaning many students would fully be engaged at school due to the different principles they have at the school and the different principles they would have at home of feeling more relaxed and not much pressure applied to them. Research shows that this had a major disadvantage on students learning as it affected their grades when schools reopened and exams took place, which showed a huge dip in most students grades.

Learning loss appeared to mostly affect maths and literacy:

Research shows that Covid learning had a major dip in maths and literacy for students, with maths and literacy being the main two subjects of all subjects. Also, with maths and literacy being the main subjects in primary, secondary, college and university; it can be very easy to identify the dip students took in two subjects. This leads back to students having the lack of concentration levels at home; as to the level of concentration they would have at school or university, or even the lack of resources they have at home as to having most of the resources at school or university.

Online learning and face to face tutoring

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