GCSE guide

Set goals:

Setting goals is vital; before you start revision, you should think about what you want to achieve; write down what you want to achieve in terms of the subjects you want to do and the grades you want to achieve in the subjects. Understanding your subject is vital; meaning, write down the list of topics and questions that you believe will occur in the exams; this will allow you to plan out your revisions and keep track of your progress.

Understand your learning style:

Understanding your learning style is important as everyone learns differently, especially when it comes to GCSEs. The reason for this is because you need to find your best learning structure for your self; especially when GCSE exams are so important for students future in terms of getting into University. Furthermore, once you find the learning method that suits you; you should keep at it and adapt it to each subject you have chosen for your GCSE subjects.

Create a timetable:

Creating a timetable is so important, the reason for this is because you need to have a clear path you are going to go down in terms of revision; meaning having a plan for your studying, which will allow you to be organised in terms of the way you want your revision to go such as what subject you are going to revise on what day and for how long. Also, having a time table saves you time; which is going to be vital when you are entering GCSEs. The reason for this is that the exams come around all at once and if you are not organised it can be very difficult times for you.

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