Different ways to stay motivated

Set yourself goals:

Setting yourself goals is a big step forward as you are setting yourself a result you want to achieve; however, look at the result you want to achieve and then start to plan out how you are going to achieve those goals by either creating a timeline and schedule of what you will be doing on certain days.

Get into a routine:

It is important to get into a routine as it will help you maintain a schedule that will keep you in control of what you will be doing on a daily basis and it keep you on track until you achieve your goals, as well as keeping you consistent. Also, maintaining a schedule gives you a sense of control, and helps you keep focused, which will keep you productive.

Find a mentor who is experienced in the way you want to change:

Having a mentor who has experience in the field can give you the right encouragement you need; they can do this by them using their own personal experience to guide you. Mentors are able to acknowledge your weaknesses and strengths which will help them get the right guiding tools to help you progress. Also, having a mentor with a different culture and learning ideas can sometimes be the drive you are looking for.

Reward yourself:

When setting yourself goals, you should always set a reward at the end of each goal. This can be the motivation tool that will keep you hungry to work towards your goal, as you will want to achieve the reward as well as the goal. Furthermore, by setting a reward this helps to boost our self esteem, which has a positive impact on our emotions which then you will acknowledge and keep wanting to work hard.

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