GCSE parent guide to help your teens choose a course

Look at what subjects they enjoy:

GCSE can be very tricky for teens to choose their courses, especially if it is their first time doing something like this. However, one of the most popular and benefiting ways teens can choose their course is having a look at the subjects they enjoy the most, meaning the subjects they have been learning up to this point, and choosing the ones they feel more comfortable and accomplished in. Choosing a subject can even be a subject that is of great interest to them or even them taking it as a hobby; this is benefiting as it will more than likely keep their motivation levels up.

Talk to teachers:

Talking to teachers is another great way to help you as a parent help your child choose a course, as you will be getting a different insight from the teachers point of view, which is really great as they will know their students best and they are the ones that see how their students get on in the class room in every day life, which is huge for the parents as the teachers will be able to tell them the areas they feel that their child performs the best in and the subjects that they are more stronger and comfortable in and the subjects that they feel they are the least in performing. This is important as it will help parents help their children make their minds up about choosing the subject that they feel they should go for.

Consider learning style and other strengths:

Considering your learning style and strengths when choosing a course you want is probably one of the best ways you can come to a decision; as you will want to choose a subject, which matches your strengths. For example, if they are a more paper-based learning student and like to be a hands-on creative learning; maybe art is probably the way forwards for them. However if they are more of a digital technical student, maybe IT and business is the way forwards for them. Considering how you want to learn is very important as you can use it to your full advantage, when taking the subject. Also, it can be the key to you keeping your motivation levels up again and it’s probably the best solution to you getting the best possible grades you can.

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