Here are 3 great last minute revision hacks for GCSE and A-level

Practice explaining topics to yourself:

One of the most common and best ways of revision hacks is to practice explaining topics to yourself aloud to test yourself. The reason for this is that research has shown that reading out loud is a much better way of remembering things. This can be a great way for students to gain some last minute knowledge before their exams; the reason for this is that you have to dig in deep into your brain to come up with a response, which will require you to have an appropriate response to the questions.

Read revision notes aloud:

Revision notes are really a great way of last minute revision hacks; the revision, for this is that it allows you to translate concepts into your own words ; making them easier to understand. Reading revision notes aloud allows a lot more processing rather than reading in silence. Students can gain a lot of knowledge through reading off revision notes aloud, as they are more likely to remember the information as research has shown. Also, the benefits of reading revision notes aloud is that it helps to get words into long term memory, which can be highly beneficial for students having exams for the duration of the year.

Use memory tricks:

Memory tricks can be a great way to help expand your knowledge as well as remember things. Memory tricks can be seen as: using rhymes and mnemonics; this can be a really great way of learning key facts. Memory tricks can be really helpful with certain subjects such as maths or science; in areas were you need to apply a maths trick to get the answer, for example: multiplying questions; these maths tricks can be applied to get the correct formula. These methods are easy to master within a day or two before your exam.

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