3 different ways to build up your child’s reading confidence

Make reading interesting:

When your child is reading a book that has of great interest to them, it will make life so much easier for them as they will enjoy reading the book, as they will want to finish the book and get to the end. This is why its important to find a book that is of interest to them; for example: a book about football, comics or even the beach; it is vital that they read a book that draws their attention as it will want to make them read the book. This will also, help them build their confidence levels up as they will be so into the book that they will want to keep on reading, which can be seen as great practice.

Don’t push too hard:

Every parent wants their child to be able to read challenging books, however, it is important that we do not push our children too hard as that might throw them off reading completely, it is vital that we let them read at their own pace with the book they desire to read as this will help them gain confidence and give them the motivation they need to go up the gears, meaning they will progress without even noticing and will want to move up to the next level themselves.

Read to a different audience:

Sometimes children find it hard to read in front of their parents; as they may sense a slight fear of not impressing them, so for this reason it may be a good idea to read to a different audience, for example: your friends, brother/ sister or even a stuffed toy. Reading to a stuffed toy is a brilliant idea as it eliminates the fact they will not be judged, which sometimes is the main reason why children come under pressure and underperform. Also, they will not be able to know if they misread anything during the reading of the book as nobody will be there to correct them, which is a huge bonus as it will help boost their confidence by letting them flow at their own pace.

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