The benefits of schools partnering with tutor companies

Improved grades:

School is very important for our children’s future; however, there are times when children do not get the full attention they need as there are class rooms of up to 30 children inside them, which can lead to several children not learning to their fullest potential. However, with schools partnering up with tutors; it can really make a big difference in improving students grades, the reason for this is that they will be getting the full attention they need and the tutors will be working hard to make sure students have enough time as well as resources to help them go through difficult topics.

Filling in learning gaps:

This is a great way to help fill in students learning gaps, as in class rooms teachers may not have enough time to go back and forwards every time a student asks them to; as they will want to get through their class as soon as possible. However, with tutors there they are able to fill in the gaps; in areas where students are finding it hard to learn. This will help the students cover areas in the subjects they feel they have fallen behind in; during their time in class rooms. This will also, benefit the teachers as much as the students as teachers will have their students back up to full speed; ready to move on to different subjects.

Regular reviews:

Regular reviews are really important as it gives you a sense of knowledge where your students are at, it’s important that we have regular reviews on our students as then we know where we stand and the areas that we feel need more attention, however, with teachers having such a large amount of students in their class room, it can be difficult for them to have regular reviews on all the students. However, with having the support of tutors it can be very benefiting as tutors will be having a one-to-one session with the students, meaning they will get a sense of knowledge of where the students are at, as well as being able to update their teachers and give them feedback on the areas that they feel need improvement.

Online learning and face to face tutoring

Genius Tuition offers online tuition and in home learning
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