The difference between online Tutoring and online school

A complete one-to-one experience:

There is a massive difference to online tutoring and online school, the reason for this is that with online school the teacher is talking to 30-40 students at once and having that many students will make things a lot more difficult to ask questions or to ask the teacher to go back and repeat what she/he said; it will be like a traffic jam everybody getting stuck or getting fed up of going back every time because somebody wasn’t paying attention. With online tutoring it such a huge advantage as you get the full attention you need completely to yourself; you can ask questions at anytime or go over material again. Basically you get the full package to yourself.

Work at your own pace:

With online tutoring there are major advantage to it such as working at your own; this highly beneficial for you, as there are certain students who maybe can not keep up with pace in a class room full of students or there maybe students were they feel the class room is holding them back from working at a good tempo, so for this reason working with an online tutor; you get to choose the pace you want to be working at and you can stay on the subject you are working at as long or little as you need. You can even go back to cover a topic, which in the class room you may not even get that option as the teacher has already covered it and wants to move on with the year. However with tutoring its your choice of choosing, which subjects you want to cover. Also, its completely flexible for you; you get to decide the times and for how long.

Regular follow ups:

The most important part for the tutors; the follow ups, tutors take in to priority regular follow ups and develop a communication line with the students family, this way they are able to give check in reports of how their child has been doing and the areas they need to be working on more when they are not tutoring. Also, its important that both sides have these regular follow-ups as it’s important they are all aware of the child’s progress. Schools do not provide these regular follow ups; its normally they have to wait for a parents evening, which happens once a year, which of course is not good enough for parents to be able to monitor their child’s progress, however, with tutoring you will be able to stay on top of your child’s head and always be one step in front.

Online learning and face to face tutoring

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