Different ways students can stay on track with their academic goals 2022

Track progress:

Keeping track of your progress is key, the reason for this is when you set out academic goals that you want to achieve through out the year, you need to monitor your self at all times and see if you are achieving the goals you set out. Also, tracking your progress will keep you on track as you will review your grades and appreciating your self, which will give you the confidence to go on further and keep you motivated until you achieve your academic goal for 2022. Also, when you are keeping track of your goals; you are also identifying areas that you may not have dealt with in the way you wanted to or probably missed out.

Its okay to change goals:

Its okay to change goals any time between the academic year even though you set out your goals at the beginning of the academic year. The reason for this is because a lot of students change their minds about what they want to achieve, which leads to them losing motivation. So it is important students understand that its okay to change goals, its important that students keep tracking their progress and understand what they want to achieve; also, changing targets as well as goals can really help students hit their target especially if they are struggling with the time frame or the goal they set out, meaning they need to set a more realistic goal, which they can hit. Furthermore, in most experiences students times change and students dreams change, which means their goals will change.

Share goals with others and get support:

Sharing your goals with other people around you, such as friends or teachers can be really helpful. The reason for this is that they may have different ideas/ solutions to help you get to where you want to be, meaning they may have different approaches that you can take to help you achieve your goals. Also, telling family, friends or teachers is highly beneficial as they will always be reminding you of the progress you need to make, this can be a really healthy tool to as having people around you that are supporting you and keeping you on track to get to where you need to be can be the tool you need to succeed.

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