The most common mistakes made by children

Believing that they cannot complete the task:

When children are phased by a difficult task or assignment and it is a healthy long piece of assignment, they are often put off and start to doubt themselves in believing it is to difficult for them. They may think that the task is to difficult and they do not have enough time to complete the task. With the lack of confidence in the thought process in thinking that they can not get the task right, it will put them into the position of not even attempting the task; as they have already made their mind up; that they cannot finish the task.

Misunderstanding of the question asked:

The most common mistake children make; is misunderstanding the question, when asked the teachers and examiners what is the most common mistake children make, they said that children often misread the question, and this is of course them working under pressure; under a small amount of time and lets not forget that these questions that need answering depend on how their future will shape out, so you can only begin to understand, how easy it is to misread a question, when you are really under pressure. The most common solution to this is, if you do not understand the question properly mark the question with an X and move on to the next question and come back to it later.

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