Tips for filling gaps in your child’s learning

Identify areas that need more work:

Identifying areas in your child’s work that need improvement is a great way to fill gaps in your child’s work. The reason for this is because you’re identifying the issue; which then allows you to help them improve in those areas. Even asking their teacher is there are areas in your child’s work that need more attention; once you have found the areas that need more attention then you can use all the resources necessary to help your child improve.

Know your child’s learning style:

Knowing your child’s learning style is vital; the reason for this is because you need to understand the method they are used to learning; that way you can work with them in the method they understand. Also, you are able to see how they process their information, which will give you an idea on how to help them fill in the blanks.

Hire a tutor:

Hiring a tutor is a great way to help your child fill in their learning gaps; the reason for this is because tutors are highly qualified, which will make it much easier for them to identify areas that need improvement in your child’s work. Also, having that one-to-one tutor with your child will give them the extra attention they need; as well as the tutors identifying other areas that need improvements.

Learning apps:

Learning apps can be a great way for learning, the reason for this, they are very fun and engaging. Learning apps have many different subjects in them as well as different levels, which is a great way to see what level your child is at, which will give you a better understanding to where your child’s at.

Online learning and face to face tutoring

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