Tips for online tutors

Prepare for technical issues:

As a tutor you should always prepare in advance for technical issues as there are always issues with being online, whether its your computer playing up or your students at the other end. So for this reason you should always have a back up solution whether that’s having a back up laptop or knowing how to play around with the settings.

Understand your students learning style:

Understanding your students learning is important as it gives you an idea where your student is at and how you can help them going forwards. You can use this information to your advantage as you can see what works best for the student and teach the student in the style that suits them.

Plan in advance:

Tutors should always plan in advance as it will make life so much easier for themselves and student, as well as always having a concept which they have prepared in advance to teach, which will make the lesson go so much smoother, instead of trying to figure out what to do during the lesson.

Make it personal and interactive:

Tutors should always make the lesson enjoyable for the student and make the environment in which they are working is fun as well as personal. Having a one-to one with a student offers deeper learning, meaning that the student will get the full attention they need.

Online learning

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