Tips to increase your child’s attention span

Minimize distractions:

When children are at home, they can often be surrounded by distractions that can take away their attention from studying at home. These objects can be football at home or even television noise; these can objects can be very addictive towards children as you would imagine your self, no body wants to work or study, they mostly want to have fun; which is what children are always after. So it is a good idea to remove these objects around children and move them to a different room or even hide them away from children’s attention.

Limit electronic devices:

Electronics are a massive distraction for children such as: mobile phones which do not help at all, with children jumping from apps to apps. Ps5 consoles which, are a huge concern for our children as they play a big part in distracting our children. It is always a good idea to encourage our children and change their mind set on some of the electronic games they play, for example; allow them screen time on the mobile phone, however, make sure the game they are playing on the phone is an educational game but at the same time still an exciting game. This can be a very positive outcome for your child as you are allowing them screen time, but at the same time the game they are playing is beneficial towards their education.

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