Tips to help manage the pressure of school

Make sleep a top priority:

Sleep is really important; the reason for this is with out proper sleep your entire day will feel dreadful; throws you off your rhythm. Not getting enough sleep can lead to a lack of energy in your body and brain, meaning you will not be able to function as well as you normally do, which, can lead to you not being able to recall as much as you learned and can affect your progress in school. This can then lead to pressure building towards you as it will start to affect your grades and progress in school, which will lead to pressure mounting up.

Don’t face challenges alone:

Sometimes dealing with pressure alone can be really stressful for certain students and they may not know how to deal with the pressure. So it’s always a good idea to share the pressure with someone by talking to them and sharing the issue, whether it’s your teacher or parent; speak up as it is not embarrassing to speak up, when you do not understand something or it does not make sense.

Prepare for the next day the night before:

A lot of students get stressed out the morning they wake up before school, so it is always a good idea the night before to prepare your self for the next day, make a plan of what you will be doing or the resources you need to prepare to take with you. Do not wake up in the morning rushing to throw things in your back pack such as assignments or homework; which is only an extra addition of pressure you are putting on your self.

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