Top benefits of Tuition


There are many benefits of tuition, however, the most common benefit is having the full one-to-one attention you need, this allows students to receive focused instruction on specific points they may not have fully understood in class. Also, the tutor will be able to get a better assessment of the students level and the areas that need more looking into or improving. Sometimes the teacher may not have enough time to run over things again as they have at least 30 students in the class room and have to try and get through what they had planned for the class, however, the benefit of having a tutor is that they can go over the areas you are not comfortable.


Another key benefit is that tuition is flexible, meaning you can pick the times you want to tutoring and studying, the times that suit you best, for example: on the weekend or after school. Also, you can choose the topics you want to go over yourself, the ones you do not have time to go over in class, as the teacher does not have time to. But with the tutor you can choose the topics you wish to cover more.

Online learning and face to face tutoring

Genius Tuition offers online tuition and in home learning
Genius Tuition offers both online tuition and in home tuition (in selected cities) contact us and sign up today!