What scares students the most

The risk of failure:

With students going through the years, every student has the risk of failing the year in the back of their mind especially when the next step is applying to college or sixth form which is important if you are looking to get into university, and of course a lot of students want to go to university so it is vital that to finish college or six form in order to get into university. So the risk of failure comes down to getting through the years and passing your GCSE.


Exams are always the concern for students and this can come down to them having poor study habits or having poor past testing performance. Of course you can have a great year in your class in terms of participating and attending lessons, however, it all comes down to the test at the end of the year; as exams determine if you are ready to go up a year.

Having the perfect teacher:

Having the perfect teacher is a frightening situation for students as they go through the years students go up in the years and teachers change and with teachers changing students are hoping that the teacher they have the following year is just as better as the previous teacher as the more they go up in the years the more important the years become and the more serious the exams become with GCSE, A levels and then university.

Making friends:

Making friends can be scary for most students, especially if they are going to a different college, six-form or university, as it’s a total new environment they are going to with a lot of people with different backgrounds. A lot of students have that anxiety that they will not be liked by other people. Also, making friends is key as it makes life so such more fun at school as well as developing life skills.

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