Tips for writing a dissertation:

Time management:

Time management is important when writing a dissertation as there are a lot of key areas that need to be covered as well as dissertations being a minimum of 10,000 words which will be very time consuming; so for this reason we believe and research shows that you should take at least 2 hours a day when writing a dissertation as it takes time to perfect as well as to get through. Also, when writing a dissertation it takes a lot of planning, let alone writing, so it is vital to plan first, then begin to write.


When writing a dissertation; one of the main important factors that need to be taken into consideration is researching, researching is vital as you need to get an idea what you are writing about or maybe get an idea what are they key areas that need to be covered when writing a dissertation, for example: detail analysis, critical evaluations and discussions of concepts, as well as many more. Also, dissertations are based around research, so when writing a dissertation research is needed as the answers are based around research as well as common knowledge.


There are many areas that need to be covered when writing a dissertation such as choosing your research topic carefully, check what they require, have a clear and structure goal and of course write as you go so you don’t forget, its important to have a plan/ structure of how you are going to start/ end your dissertation as you need to have an idea of the outline of your dissertation.

Picking a topic:

When writing a dissertation the topic you will be writing about depends all on the question you will be given; this is why research is vital before you start writing as you need to get an idea of what you will be writing about. Also, there are many steps that you can take when trying to pick a topic such as: ask your tutor for advice; choose a topic that interests you as then you will be writing with a purpose of wanting to actually understand what your really writing about.

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