Different ways teens can handle the pressure of social media

Take social media breaks:

Teens need to take social media breaks; they can do this through certain apps, for example: Instagram and Facebook have an allowance, which you can set on your daily use or week on it, it either pops up with a notification telling you; your time is up or you can have it disabled for your teen once they have used their weekly allowance on it. This can be difficult to do as a parent, as teens want to socialise with friends, and keep up to date with the world. However, its important we move them away from social media and make them go outside and take part in activities as well as, go out and meet friends, communicate face-to-face, which it will benefit them massively as it will take the online pressure away from them.

Help teens connect in the real world:

Another great way of relieving pressure from teens of social media is making them go out and enjoy the real world, meaning going out, meeting friends; going places with family, or even taking part in sort of activities such as: playing football or whatever sort of sport they enjoy. Its about spending quality time with family or friends and knowing the importance of moving away from social media as it can be very disturbing at times, especially with teens being at school; it can be very stressful with most the social medias that are being used to abuse online.

Communicate with teens often:

Social media can be a huge problem for teens; it can cause all sorts of issues such as: mental health or anxiety, which can lead to severe issues for teens. This is why its important for us to talk to our teens; make them open up; find out what’s going on in their world to avoid these issues. Although it’s hard for teens to open up and communicate what is happening around social media; it would be great if you could, as it will lift a great deal of pressure off their shoulders they may be experiencing. It is vital we communicate with our children as it is important to keep them away from issues that can affect their lives going forwards.

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