Balancing sports and academics

Make a schedule to stay organized:

Keeping a calendar of the things you need to do is probably the best way to manage your time. At the beginning of each year you are provided with a syllabus that outlines the dates, exams, and sports. This is a great opportunity for you to plan ahead and sort your study schedule, for example, you may have sport practice on a Monday and Tuesday, and you have a test on a Friday, you then have the opportunity to study on Wednesday and Thursday and get ready for the exam on Friday.

Remind yourself of the importance of academics:

It is always a good idea to remind yourself that education comes first no matter what, no matter how much talent you have in that specific sport, you must remind yourself that there are certain grades you need to hit to get into university. School sports are mostly about building communication skills as well as bonding skills, which can be used in your university applications; when you need to show off. However, you must remember that the opportunity of getting into university will not arrive; if you do not have the grades required.

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