Different ways to enhance executive function in teens and tweens

Help create a planner or schedule:

Having a schedule or planner is a great way to help your student keep track of their weekly assignments. For example, colour coding each assignment with the same colour as the dates it’s due, so you know which, assignment belongs to which date, which will allow you to prioritize the assignments you believe are important. These executive functioning skills are really good to build on as it will help students be more organized in the future and they will be able to build on these skills.

Create a dedicated homework space:

Creating a quiet area for your student to study in free of distractions is really important. These distractions include no electronic devices, for example, no tv; no cell phones, and consoles. In the quiet room; students should have all the available resources in that room, so they do not have to leave them room; which if they do it might put them off their concentration levels. The objective is to minimize all distractions your teen might experience during their study session. Having an environment for active learning can really improve your teens attention span and their ability to be able to fully focus.

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