The benefits of paper-based learning

Better for memory:

Learning on paper has many benefits to it; one of the main benefits being is that can be better for the memory; the reason for this is that studies show that when students are writing on paper they have a better understanding and its makes it easier for them to remember what they have learned. Also, when students are taking notes; research shows that when they are taking notes and having to rewrite the information they are taking in by hand; it actually forces the students to process the information in; as they are having to break down the information they are taking in and hand write them into smaller notes.

It can help students stay more actively engaged:

Digital learning has become very popular; it has its disadvantages to it, as there are so many distractions to being on the internet with social media being the main one. With students having no distractions and learning straight from paper, it can be said that they will gain better knowledge, be more actively engaged and focused in their lessons as there will be no distractions around them. Also, the benefits of learning from paper is that they will be more creative as they will have to use their brain much more to get ideas.

Better understanding on paper:

Most students can be said that they prefer learning on paper as they gain a better understanding on paper rather than on the internet. Studies show that studying on paper engages students more, which means they are more focused, which leads to them having a better understanding. Also, studies show that their brains are able to absorb more when they are reading straight from paper as well as writing. Furthermore, recent research shows that paper beats screens by over a fifth of a standard deviation.

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