Managing a part time job and studying

Know your priorities:

With studying and working part time it can be really hard to manage time, especially with all the other activities you have going on around you such as socialising and sports. It is important that you make it clear to yourself, which are the most important and put them in order. For example: university will always come first as its vital that you finish university in order to be able to achieve your dream job, second most students need a little bit of pocket change in order to manage their time at university so having a part time job, which will help you pay off some allowances is vital.

Organise your time:

Organising your time while at university and working at the same time is crucial, the reason for this is that even if you are working part time; it will take up a lot of your free time as well as lecture time, so it is vital that you have good time management in place. For example: start every term knowing your lecture hours and work hours, have a calendar with all the hours of lecture and work times organised, whether that is on your phone; which is mostly commonly used in today’s world. Take time one day and put in line all your lecture, deadline, assignment and work hours and put them in to the calendar; even have different colours for all to make it slightly easier for you to recognise.

Take a break:

The most important factor; which is looking after your self, making sure that you don’t over work or stress your self. Looking after your health is most vital as you will need to stay healthy in order to achieve the grades you want at university. It is about finding the right balance between university and work, as you do not want to over work your self, as it will have a negative impact on your grades in the long run. Taking a break can mean doing something that relaxes you or that you enjoy, whether that’s going out for a meal with your friends or going out for a drink and socialising or even attending the gym, which most people use as a tool of relaxation.

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