Different ways to help your child become a more confident public speaker

Record their practice session:

Recording the students practice session is a really good strategy to use, the reason for this is that while they are practicing; they are also being recorded, meaning when the session is over you can sit down with the student and listen to the recordings and go over the parts you believe they made a few mistakes and then try to help them re-correct those mistakes for next time or improve. Also, the student is able to hear themselves to and pick up on areas that they believe they can sound more confident or relaxed in.

Use fantasy play scenarios:

Using fantasy play scenarios is one the most reliable ways you can help your child/ student become a more confident public speaker, the reason for this is that you are using fun scenarios were students will want to participate in as the roles will be exciting: such as a leader, king or president delivering speeches to their people, these scenarios are really usable as most students grow up wanting to be a leader, king or president. These role plays will have a massive impact on the students as it will give them a sense of their tone of voice that needs to be heard in public speaking.

Having conversations with family face-to-face or over the phone:

Having conversations with family can be really useful tool to your child/ student becoming a more confident public speaker, the reason for this is that the student may feel more confident speaking to their family as they may have a bond, which makes the student feel more relaxed and less fearful speaking to their family members. Having a conversation over the phone is great way to increase their ability and confidence; even if its sharing news on how their day at school went or even talking about a movie or game they saw, this really increase the students communication skills by being able to communicate effectively.

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