How a summer tutor can help different types of students

The high achiever:

Even if you are an over achiever, having a tutor give you that extra boost or knowledge may still benefit you having a tutor over the summer. The reason for this is that a student can never ‘gain enough knowledge’, meaning that there is so much more a student can learn; hence why having a tutor over the summer can give them the advantage over so many students come back into the new school year as they will be much more prepared than most students. Also, you can learn a lot from a tutor as they may teach you a new strategy and routines, which might be more effective than what a high achieving student is already practicing.

The natural student:

Some natural students do not engage in learning as most students do; meaning they do not spend a lot of time studying as most do and do not put as much effort into studying; however, they still achieve their grades. But do not rest assure, as this will not be good enough once you enter university or college, where classes are much more intense and challenging, meaning the tests will be a whole different level to what you are used to as well. However, a summer tutor will be able to help students manage their time and how to build up their study habits.

The struggling student:

Summer is a long holiday for most students, especially for the brain; meaning a 6 week break is a long time off. However, having a summer tutor over the holidays is a fantastic opportunity for students who are struggling in and out of class rooms. Furthermore, having a tutor will be so beneficial as they will be able to identify areas that you are struggling in and help you build on them; as well as help you build on any previous academic learning that you missed out on as well as struggled on. A tutor will take the time to implement useful and key strategies to help you with the new academic year.

Online learning and face to face tutoring

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