The importance of providing children with positive reinforcement

Growth mindset:

Having a growth mindset is more than important; the reason for this is that it gives the child confidence in their own abilities to succeed. Even when your child is wrong, it is important to keep reinforcing them with positive feedback as it goes a long way in boosting their confidence; students who have confidence are able to develop resilience and perseverance. Also, having a growth mindset will help you overcome obstacles you may face when learning something new or developing a new skill.

Seeing failure in a positive light:

Seeing failure in a positive light is really crucial as it is a reminder to our children that mistakes happen and can be a good thing, as we learn how to bounce back from them and make sure we learn not to repeat the same mistake again; meaning changing our approach for better results next time. It is vital that if your child faces set backs; that you reinforce them with positive feedback. Remind them that this is one less failure for the future, the more you grow up the more you will overcome these mistakes.

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