How to guide students to self-regulated learning

Goal setting:

Goal setting is really important when it comes to students self regulating. The reason for this is that students should be able to manage their time effectively and know what assignments take priority. Students should be able to get their priorities in order; they can do this through colour coding, meaning marking each assignment with a colour but every colour has its order.

Self monitoring:

Students should always check in with themselves every once in a while, meaning test themselves every week; see what they have learned and what needs improving. However, we recommend they find a quiet place to study effectively; with no distractions or noise around them; this way they will be in an environment where they can do homework as well as study. We do recommend not to over study and start cramming up; so it is important that you do take short break and snack up.

Self instruction:

It is important for students to learn individually and teach themselves new material, but also, recognize when their understanding is lacking. Independent learning is one of the best ways for students to self practice homework and assignments. If your child is struggling to find solutions to some questions; encourage them to do a bit more digging by themselves to see if they can dig out an answer themselves.

Online learning and face to face tutoring

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